Monday, March 11, 2013


03/27 - Syracuse, NY at Gorham Bro's Music w/ Sunken Cheek, Pretengineer, Friendless Bummer, Lucid Pyramids
03/28 - Buffalo, NY at Spiral Scratch records w/ Lads, Sexist
03/29 - Columbus, OH at Legion of Doom w/ Future Shock, Fumes
03/30 - Cincinnati, OH at BJ's Basement w/ Crushed Velvet, Abudction, +1
03/31 - Indianapolis, IN at Adam's Pizza w/ CC Murder Dogs, Side FX, Social Damage, Youthanized, Sudafeds

Also we're beginning planning for our summer tour.  Here is our tentative route, if you can help out with any of the dates marked (Help) it would be greatly appreciated. Email:

7/16 Syracuse, NY
07/17 Buffalo, NY
07/18 Cleveland, OH
07/19 Grand Rapids,MI
07/20 Chicago, IL
07/21 Wisconsin
07/22 Minneapolis, MN
07/23 Iowa City, IA
07/24 Omaha, NE
07/25 Kansas City, MO
07/26 Oklahoma City, OK (HELP)
07/27 Denton, TX (HELP)
07/28 Austin TX (HELP)
07/29 Little Rock, AR
07/30 Tennessee 
07/31 Lexington, KY
08/1 Whitesburg, KY
08/2 Washington DC (HELP)
08/3 Bethlehem, PA