04/18/15  - Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar w/ Death Camp, Aaron & The Burrs, Technical Ecstasy, Green Dreams, Fast Eddies
04/01/15 - Syracuse, NY @ Badlands w/ Sete Star Sept, Globsters
11/18/14 - WMFU & NYC, NY @ Acheron w/ Sex Dward, White Wards, Nandas
11/17/14 - Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/ White Wards, Low Charge
11/15/14 - Albany, NY - Upstates Alright Fest w/ Herpes (last show) + a million bands
11/08/14 - Dayton, OH - Yellow Cab w/ Fuck You Pay Me, New Regrets, Dog Fight, Nervosas
08/23/14 - Ithaca, NY @ Just Be Cause Center w/ Japanese Furnace, Iron Oath, King Sized Pegasus
08/05/14 - Syracuse, NY @ Boiler Room Brawl w/ Elsinores, Lake Forest
06/15/14 - Philadelphia, PA w/ Cretins and Low Charge
06/13/14 - Greensboro, NC
06/12/14 - Atlanta, GA w/ Ryan Dinosaur and GG King
06/11/14 - Hazard, KY w/ Globsters
06/10/14 - St Louis, MO w/ Totally Gay Cop, Ruz
06/09/14 - Milwaukee, WI 
06/07/14 - Chicago, IL @ Not Normal Fest
06/06/14 - Dayton, Ohio @ Omega Music
03/17/14 - Cleveland, OH @ Now Thats Class w/ Hysteria, Cruelster
03/16/14 - Bloomington, IN @ Walnut Street w/ Purple Seven, Thumbsuckers, Nancy 
03/15/14 - Lexington, KY @ The Green Lantern w/ The Elsinores, D Charles Spear, SXI 
03/14/14 - Indianapolis, IN @ The Piss Haus w/ CC Murder Dogs, Blue Circle, Biff
03/13/14 - Detroit, MI @ The Precident w/ Wolf Eyes, Scum, Public Urination
03/12/14 - Cincinnati, OH @ The Fashion Club w/ Leak, Clavicula Salomonis, Clouded 
01/10/14 - Syracuse, NY @ Badlands w/ Big Suze, Lads, Dialysis, Mouth to Mouth to Mouth, Jean Simmons
12/31/13 - Syracuse, NY @ Badlands w/ Black SS, Herpes, Japanese Furnace, Trail of Lies, Right Choice
11/22/13 - Dryden, NY @ TC3 w/ Grady Stiles, Street Feet, Dream Team, Participation Trophy
10/25/13 - Syracuse, NY @ Badlands w/ Televisionaries, Death Camp, Utah Jazz, Beastman, Forged 
10/01/13 - Syracuse, NY @ Badlands w/ Boom Boom Kid, The Surrogates
09/16/13 - Syracuse, NY @ Badlands w/ Technicolor Teeth, Japanese Furnace, Limbs Bin
8/2/13 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooskis w/ Stoic Violence, Gas Rag, Drug Lust
7/31/13 - Lexington, KY @ Side Car w/ Elsinores, Salad Influence, Sunken Cheek
7/30/13 - Nashville, TN @ The Owl Farm w/ Fucked Ethos, Pissbath, Tsathog, Terrorish, Sunken Cheek
7/28/13 - Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas w/ Breakout, Institute, Sekurton
7/27/13 - Dallas, TX @ Taqueria Perditos w/ Sunken Cheek, D-Mar & Chris V
7/26/13 - Tulsa, OK @ Sound Pony w/ Sunken Cheek
7/25/13 - Kansas City, MO @ Art Closet Studios w/ No Class, Dark Ages, Night Moves, Shape Shifter, Sunken Cheek
7/24/13 - Omaha, NE @ The West Wing w/ Feral Hands, Dirty Fur, Sunken Cheek
7/23/13 - Minneapolis, MN @ Rock n Roll Science w/ Condominium, Systema Inmundo, Sunken Cheek
7/22/13 - Iowa City, IA @ Trumpet Blossom Cafe w/ Solid Attitude, Dead in Bed, Sunken Cheek
7/21/13 - Appleton, WI @ The Maritime Tavern w/ Technicolor Teeth, Duffy and the Beer Slayers, Sunken Cheek
7/20/13 - Chicago, IL @ Albion House w/ Zero Progress, Gas Rag, Thumbsuckers
7/19/13 - Cincinnati, OH @ 2827 Sidney Ave w/ Cape of Bats, Evolve, Dog Fight, Decide Today, Sunken Cheek
7/18/13 - Cleveland, OH @ Now Thats Class w/ Secret Cervix, Sunken Cheek, Lucha Eterna
7/17/13 - Jamestown, NY @ Jamestown Skate Park w/ Hunted Down and Sunken Cheek
7/12/13 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands with SoreXcuse, Crucial Macabre, Sunken Cheek, Mouse House
5/21/13 - Syracuse, NY at Los Manor W/ NERV, High on Dracula, SoreXcuse
05/09/13 - Syracuse, NY at Air Force One W/ Youth Avoiders
03/31/13 - Indianapolis, IN at Adam's Pizza w/ CC Murder Dogs, Side FX, Social Damage, Youthanized, Sudafeds
03/30/13 - Cincinnati, OH at BJ's Basement w/ Crushed Velvet, Kvlt Deth
03/29/13 - Columbus, OH at Legion of Doom w/  Fumes
03/28/13 - Buffalo, NY at Spiral Scratch records w/ Lads, Sexist
03/27/13 - Syracuse, NY at Gorham Bro's Music w/ Sunken Cheek, Pretengineer, Friendless Bummer, Lucid Pyramids 02/19/13 - Rome, NY - at Lifted w/ Herpes, Neutron Rats, Forged
02/08/13 - Syracuse, NY - at Los Manor w/ Church Whip, Eating Machine, Sunken Cheek, Japanese Furnace
12/31/12 - Rochester, NY - w/ Death Camp, Life Chain, Beach Cops
12/23/12 - Syracuse, NY - at Westcott Community Center w/ Trail of Lies, Violent Side
12/03/12 - Syracuse, NY - at Air Force One w/ Flip Shit, Crucial Macabre
10/31/12 - Syracuse, NY - at Badlands w/ Unfinished Business, Sunken Cheek, Blood Money, Crucial Macabre, The Storm
10/21/12 - Holyoke, MA - at The Row House w/ Pleasure Leftists, Herpes
10/20/12 - Brighton, MA - at The Senior Center w/Herpes, Ambush10/19/12 - Albany, NY - at Valentines w/ Herpes, Chloroform Party
09/17/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Tenement, Death Camp, Vacation, Forged

09/16/12 - Ithaca, NY at Greenstar w/ Vacation, Batista, We Are Whaleshark
09/04/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Inservibles, Bad Taste, Herpes, Flip Shit
09/01/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Rival Mob, No Tolerance08/02/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Dark Ages, No Class, Caust, Trust Fall
07/27/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Bukkake Boys, Raw Nerves, Stripmines, Herpes, Beastman
07/16/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Herpes, Sunken Cheek, Limbs Bin, Globsters, The Elsinores
07/15/12 - Buffalo NY at the Jungle Gym w/ Globsters, The Elsinores, Sunken Cheek, Brown Sugar
07/14/12 - Jamestown, NY at The Forum w/  Blunt Guts, Sunken Cheek, Cloud Rat, Wolfmouth, Dirty Needle
07/07/12 - Rome, NY at Trace's w/ Herpes
07/01/12 - Rochester, NY - all day outdoor fest @ Genesee Park Lodge w/ Herpes, Slugz, Death Camp, Leaking Head, Kingdom of God, Infernal Abyss, Rotten, Licker
06/23/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands - "Each One Must Teach One" w/ Trail of Lies, The Storm, Tolerate
06/09/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands - Syracuse Kill Yourself Fest w/ Oak & Bone (Last show), White Guilt (Last Show), White Walls, Utah Jazz, Twerps, California X
04/08/12 - Buffalo, NY at Spiral Scratch w/ Utah Jazz
04/07/12 - Cleveland, OH at Now That's Class w/ Grin and Bear It,Wind of Death
04/06/12 - Lexington, KY at Sidecar w/ The Elsinores, 30th Century Men, and Arcane Rifles
04/05/12 - Nashville, TN at Cirith Ungol w/ Fuck Ethos, Laughing Boy
04/03/12 - Gainesville, FL at Wayward Council w/ Sickoids, Life Chain, Radiation and Pill Church
04/02/12 Atlanta, GA at Drunken Unicorn w/ Bukkake Boys, Sickoids, Acid Freaks
04/01/12 - Wilmington, NC at The Soapbox w/ No Tomorrow
03/31/12 - NYC at Stolen Sleeves w/ Casanovas in Heat, Mutant Genes, Ylajali
03/30/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Oak & Bone, Genetic Infantryman, Herpes, School Shootings
03/25/12 - Rochester, NY at the Pussy Barrel w/ Death Camp, School Shootings, Herpes, Green Dreams
03/24/12 - Bethlehem, PA at the Secret Art Space w/ Get to the Chopper, Orphan Donor, Prosthetic Head
03/23/12 - Philadelphia, PA at Emoda Gallery w/ Quit Life and Lowlife
01/22/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ No Fucker, Skvlt, Sswampzz, Typewriter
01/21/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Sswampzz, Blunt Guts, Cat Names, Mouth to Mouth to Mouth
01/03/12 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Positive Noise, Shattered Badge, Flip Shit
01/01/12 - Rochester, NY at United Fruitcake Outlet w/ Scum, Assbeer, Rotten
12/16/11 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Like Wolves, Girls of Porn, Hollowed Bones
11/26/11 Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ No Fucker, White Guilt and Sunken Cheek
10/29/11 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands "Syracuse Halloween Show" w/ The Misfits (members of Shoppers and Mayflower.), The Ramones(Chuck and the gang.), and Negative Approach (... a midwestern hardcore tribute by Hunted Down)
10/20/11 Buffalo, NY at the Funeral Home w/ Gas Chamber, Seplophile, Used Meat
09/24/11 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands "New Dawn Fest" Day 1 w/ Oak & Bone, Shoppers, No Fucker, Herpes, Hellbomb, Hunted Down, Sunken Cheek, Hollowed Bones
09/16/11 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Vaccine, Grin & Bear It, Genetic Infantryman, Sunken Cheek
08/12/11 - Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ Hunger Pains, Ninjessa, Wiccan,
07/27/11 Syracuse, NY at Badlands w/ White Guilt, Shoppers, Hellbomb